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Italian Risotto Rice

Italian Risotto Rice

La Gallinella [or The Hen] grow and produce very good quality rice on their farm in Velezzio, which is in the traditional heartland of rice growers, the Po valley.

Still run and managed as a family concern they grow a variety of grains and we are pleased to have two on the website.

Arborio, famous as the best risotto rice Carnarolli, good for risotto and paella with a big husk

Please do have a look at their site for more information - www.lagallinella.eu

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Arborio Rice 1kg

Arborio rice takes its name from the Vercellian village where it was first cultivated centuries ago and has the largest grains of any Italian rice.As it has..


Carnaroli Rice 1kg

Considered the King of Rice for its all round qualities,Carnarolli is ideal for making big,robust risottos and rice salads where a strong husk is called for. ..


Vialone Nano Risotto Rice 1kg

One of the best known and most versatile of all the risotto rice varieties Rich in starch in the rice grain shape allows it to absorb a tremendous amount o..



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